(not satire – it’s Paul Dacre!)

I have it on good authority that foul-mouthed Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is very proud of his father. On becoming editor of the Mail he even revived his father’s column Ephraim Hardcastle as a tribute to him.

Which makes the bizarre attack on Ed Milband’s father by the Mail even stranger.

In 1944 when the 22-year old Ralph Miliband was bravely risking his life storming German positions protecting the Normandy beaches, Paul Dacre’s 19-year-old father Peter Dacre was working in London as a show business reporter for newspapers such as the Daily Express.

Quite how a fit 19-year-old managed to avoid call-up to the front line at that time God only knows.

Perhaps show business reporters – like coal miners – were considered just as essential to the war effort as fighting soldiers?

Whatever the reason – you’d think Mr Dacre would want to avoid comparisons between the two men.

Wouldn’t you?


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