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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Back in February, senior UK Judge Beverley Lunt gave a convicted rapist a suspended sentence instead of jail time citing the man’s ill health as the reason for her decision.

Here’s an article about the case (warning – link to Daily Mail!):

Rapist walks free from court because of his ill health 

Not everyone may agree with Judge Lunt’s decision in that case but it’s actually not all that unusual for judges to give suspended sentences in cases of ill health.

It’s not unusual that is, until you notice what Judge Lunt had to say back in 2011 about the sentencing of people who have been convicted of benefit fraud.

She was angry that they didn’t automatically receive a custodial sentence (warning – link to Express!):

Anger of judge forced to free benefits cheat

Now I’m fully aware that for some inexplicable reason a lot of members of the establishment  – such as judges, newspaper owners and politicians  – seem to think benefit fraud is a much more serious crime than rape.

But I can assure them that the rest of us in the remaining 99% of the UK population don’t.


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