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Osborne must publish the names of every benefits claimant – and how much they receive – on their forearms

by our Chief Crackpot Correspondent Mark Littlewood

The amount Daily Mail columnists now spend on poor people is jaw-dropping. The average right-wing polemist is taxed to the tune of thousands of pounds every year to finance the State’s programme of helping people they’ve made unemployed.

The shocking truth is that we national newspaper contributors now spend about twice as much on economically fruitless activities like educating and feeding poor children as we used to just a decade ago.

We need to be much more transparent about exactly what and who we journalists are spending our hard-earned tax write-offs on. 

Every individual who claims welfare benefits  – including pensions, jobseeker’s allowance, bus passes, winter fuel payments, child and sickness benefit – should have their National Insurance numbers listed, in full, on their publicly accessible forearms for all of us to inspect. Taxpayers have a right to know exactly who is claiming what and how much they are getting.

This wouldn’t be a matter of ‘tattooing and shaming’ anyone. After all, if you are legally entitled to a particular benefit, what is there to be ashamed about having your NI number tattooed on your body for all to see? Anyone ashamed to be permanently marked for life after they claim money from the State maybe shouldn’t be claiming it at all.

Many tabloid columnists now have around a third of the money they receive for writing the odd swivel-eyed rant once or twice a month confiscated at source by Revenue & Customs. Shockingly, the government admits the biggest item this cash is then spent on is people poorer than us – as well as other economically fruitless things like roads, hospitals and schools

Publishing this sort of information on skin should be quite straightforward. The Government has never been competent at running an IT system, but uploading to the forearm each payment handed out, along with the National Insurance number of the person claiming it, must be doable. Even by the dimmest bureaucrat.

After all, if the Germans could do it 80 years ago, why can’t we?


Mark Littlewood is not a Tory. He is an example of an Orange Booker Liberal Democrat. The real face of the Liberal Democrats?

You can see his original article here (warning – here lies Daily Mail nonsense):

Why Osborne must publish the names of every benefits claimant – and how much we pay them


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