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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Well at least until 2006 they were.

Let’s remind ourselves what the Tories used to openly say about Nelson Mandela.

‘Hang Nelson Mandela’ – Federation of Conservative Students

‘Nelson Mandela should be shot’ – Tory MP Teddy Taylor

‘The ANC is a typical terrorist organisation’ – Margaret Thatcher

‘This hero worship is very much misplaced’- Tory MP John Carlisle

‘How much longer will the Prime Minister allow herself to be kicked in the face by this black terrorist?’ – Tory MP Terry Dicks

etc etc etc

OK – that was a long time ago. Most people would say the modern Conservative Party has completely changed now.

Well , maybe.

Strange then that over at the Conservative Home website – a Tory supporter calling him or herself ‘Thatcher’s Stormtrooper‘ – states that members of today’s Tory youth wing ‘Conservative Future’ were still singing “Hang Nelson Mandela” as recently as 2006 after “one too many beers“.

Here’s a screen shot of the comment (click to enlarge):

hang mandela conservative future

You can see the original comment in the thread below this (actually very interesting) Conservative Home article:

The Federation of Conservative Students

Considering these people are supposed to be the ‘future’ of the Conservative Party  – is it safe to say the Tories’ lunatic fringe isn’t all in their past?


Poster by Federation of Conservative Students


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