This might be my most controversial blogpost yet. But truth hurts sometimes.

And here it is.

Antisemitism exists in the UK. Real, stomach-churning Holocaust denial, hatred for Jews so strong some people would literally see other people burn because of their race or religion.

I myself had to wade through this disgusting bile in an investigation we made of the most active British anti-semites who are openly operating online:

Profile of British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

Our investigation revealed that anti-semites almost always hate Muslims and people of other races and religions too, and that most anti-semites in the UK are on the Right and actually hate Jeremy Corbyn, not support him.

Of course, it’s not rocket science. Racists are racist, racism is racism.

And there is a huge amount of it. Black MPs such as David Lammy and Diane Abbott get massive amounts of vile racist abuse every day, just for being black, and Baroness Warsi has been (mostly in vain) trying to highlight the extent of Islamophobia in her party.

So why does it seem there so many antisemitism campaigners in the UK at the moment who a) are claiming antisemitism is a problem mostly on the Left and b) not mentioning other racism such as widespread Islamophobia or racism against blacks and other ethnic/religious minorities?

Obviously, many of these people’s real agenda is not to highlight racism at all, but simply to smear Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party for petty party political concerns.

But much more worryingly …

… could the press and others be so much more interested in antisemitism than Islamophobia / Windrush etc because Jews are mostly white and Muslims/ West Indians are mostly not?

If so, this is white supremacism, pure and simple.


P.S. If anyone is so outraged by this blogpost that they are thinking of trying to smear me by accusing me of antisemitism (the usual modus operandi), please read this first …

Don’t ask me if I am Jewish if you want a polite reply.

… then go away. Thank you.