The right-wing press, including the BBC, have been desperately trying to spin and excuse the inexcusable actions of Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope – who has blocked bills to outlaw upskirting and attacks on police dogs and horses – by claiming he is against ALL private members’ bills as a point of principle.

This is what is known technically in journalism and media circles as ‘a lie’.

Because if he is so against private members’ bills in principle, then why has Chope himself sponsored a private members’ bill to make Brexit a bank holiday?

And how come he has also personally sponsored a private members’ bill to force NHS patients to pay for treatment:

The truth is that Chope has himself sponsored as many as 47 of his own private members’ bills.

His other private bills include ones to limit severance payments by public bodies to their staff; privatise the BBC and Channel 4 and end the working time regulations introduced in 1998.

So Chope is not against private members’ bills in principle at all.

He’s just against protecting women and girls from harassment, and protecting dogs and horses from being injured or killed in the line of duty.

PS. Worth mentioning also that just 6 months ago, Theresa May knighted ‘Sir’ Christopher Chope for what she called his “services to the country”.

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