Theresa May claimed today her government will build a “fairer” Britain, in which “opportunities are shared more equally” and to create a country that “works for everyone”.

It will be interesting to see how May manages to do all that, while at the same time keeping her wealthy backers happy.

Here’s a list of extremely wealthy donors who have been dishing out tens of thousands to Theresa May over the last couple of months only:

Atul Pathak – millionaire Macdonalds franchisee

James Lupton – millionaire investment banker

Mark Neale – millionaire retail chain owner

Ravinder Singh Gidar – millionaire owner of chain of private care homes

Daniel Green – millionaire payday loan entrepeneur

Michael Davis – millionaire mining executive

Abel G Halpern – millionaire investment banker

Nicholas Campsie – millionaire investment banker

Ian Taylor – millionaire oil executive

Alexia Forman – millionaire wife of banking executive

Michael Spencer – millionaire city broker

Leopold Noe – millionaire property developer

I smell the sickly whiff of empty rhetoric …


PS Perhaps her wealthy friends like the fact May consistently voted against Labour’s introduction of the minimum wage for hard-working British people?
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