Owen Smith’s campaign team have been busy distributing to the media a photograph of the Labour leadership contender with a disabled woman – to push his claim he’ll be a “champion of disabled people” if he wins.

Here’s Smith in the photograph with the woman, Jae Robinson:

Smith disabled suspension

Unfortunately for Smith and his team of supposed PR ‘experts’, Ms Robinson has just been suspended from Labour as part of the party’s increasingly bizarre attempts to ‘purge’ the party of Corbyn supporters.

As with others who have been ‘purged’ by the party, Ms Robinson has not been told the reason for her suspension.

So by “championing” disabled people – Smith seems to mean using them and then throwing them out on their ear without explanation.

Coincidentally, the mass purges come just before the leadership election takes place, and any appeals will only be able to be processed after the voting takes place.


Not as bad as being suspended by Labour for liking the Foo Fighters.