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(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

I’m afraid the Lib Dems really are starting to lose the plot.

Senior Lib Dem Danny Alexander broke all precedence in the House of Commons by standing up at the dispatch box and attacking his own budget.

Alexander strongly condemned the budget announced by George Osborne, saying it would take Britain back to a “level last seen in 1964” and “the era of Cathy Come Home” and that it was “not my vision for the future of Britain.”

Which is a bit bizarre – even for a Lib Dem – because the budget was actually co-written by him:

alexander budget

Yet another clear example of Lib Dem ‘DoubleThink‘:

Oppositionmentthe act of being in government while at the same time pretending to be in opposition to yourself.

“The Liberal Democrats would like to reassure everyone that our party will always be in complete oppositionment to our own scandalous privatisation of the NHS by resolutely doing absolutely nothing we can to stop ourselves doing everything we can to oppose ourselves.”


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