(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Presumably shamed by the rise of starving families and food banks in the UK under their watch, Tory MPs have taken to openly lying to parliament to save face.

As an example of this, Conservative MP for Morecambe David Morris shamelessly told parliament that he had never been invited to visit one of the local food banks in his constituency when in fact he had been invited 4 times.

Morris also told parliament that food banks do not hold local information, which is also a lie.

Here’s what Morris told MPs during a parliamentary debate on food banks:

morris lies

But here’s an extract from a statement by Morecambe Bay Foodbank in Morris’s constituency, exposing how the MP lied to parliament:

morris lies 2

You can read the full statement from Morecambe Bay Foodbank here.

Of course, if Morris had any honour, he would immediately apologise to members of parliament for his barefaced lies to them.

But don’t go holding your breath.


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