In July this year, Toby Young accepted a request to speak at a eugenics conference organised by a well-known neo-Nazi called Emil Kirkegaard:

Kirkegaard is openly and stridently anti-semitic. Here he is with a friend giving a Nazi salute on Facebook:

But most sickeningly of all, Kirkegaard, has argued for the legalisation of sex with children – as long as they are drugged or unconscious:

I need hardly remind anyone how concerning it is that Toby Young – who is supposed to be a leading avocate of Free Schools – is openly mixing with people who think raping children is acceptable.

Young spoke at this conference last July. Imagine the press outrage if someone on the Left had spoken at a conference with links to such shocking opinions. How does did Toby always manage to get away with it?

Answers on a postcard please to The Guardian, The Times, the Telegraph, The BBC, ITV News, Channel 4 News, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Independent.


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POSTSCRIPT: It’s been suggested Kirkegaard was just a co-speaker at the conference with Young. This is untrue. Kirkegaard has been one of the main conference organisers since 2015: