It seems everyone is trying really hard not to mention the fact that Jo Cox’s alleged killer Thomas Mair was a member of a far-right organisation with links to leading members of the Brexit campaign. More on that here:

The link between Nigel Farage and Jo Cox’s alleged killer

The Independent newspaper however has gone one further and shamelessly edited out the name of the Swinton Circle in an article on Mair.

Here’s the original quote from the Springbok Club’s newsletter:

indy springbok1

And here’s how the Independent reported the same quote:

indy springbok2


This deliberate editing out of any mention of the Swinton Circle by the press has obviously nothing at all to do with the fact that leading VIP Brexiters such as Liam Fox, Owen Paterson and Nigel Farage have had close ties to the organisation in the past.

Because that would link them far too closely to Jo Cox’s alleged killer. Which would be far too uncomfortable at this stage of the EU referendum campaign.

So best keep it to ourselves then.