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(not satire – it’s the Cameron government)

In an effort to outflank Farage, the Cameron government announced in July that all non-EU visitors to the UK will be charged 150% of the normal fees to use the NHS:

Patients from outside the EU to be charged 150% of the cost of treatment in the NHS.

But yesterday the government announced they were advising non-EU visitors to voluntarily contact the NHS if they develop symptoms of Ebola while in the UK:

Passengers to be told to make contact with the NHS should they develop Ebola symptoms.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he hoped travellers from those countries would “self-present” to the authorities if they developed any symptoms of illness.

In other words, the Cameron government is hoping possible Ebola patients will voluntarily contact the NHS if they have symptoms, while at the same time threatening them with having to pay 150% of the fees for their treatment if they do.

Anybody else see the serious – and possibly extremely dangerous – flaw in the government’s plans?


Cameron is putting the entire UK at risk just to win back a few votes from UKIP.

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