Remarkable, but true.

The Tories latest anguished attempt to find a way to halt their long-term collapse in support as their elderly fan base dies away is to tell parents to teach their children not to share things with other children:

How to inoculate your children against socialism

The bizarre article on the influential grassroots Conservative Home website also advises parents not to take away what it refers to as a child’s “private property” (toys to you and me) – even as a punishment:

The author of these tinfoil hat suggestions – JP Floru – is a Tory councillor in posh Westminster. He also works for the Adam Smith Institute and writes for the Tory-front organisation the Taxpayers Alliance.

Oh, and he only likes to watch films that have rich people in them.

Floru – a Brexit supporting EU immigrant – also seems to believe the fact his bank account “has never been in the red” is not at all due to the fact he comes from a wealthy Belgian family but because his parents did not allow “micro-communism to creep into the household“:

Whatever next from the desperate Tories?

Teach their children all about the realities of modern Britain by showing them how to burn fifty pound notes in front of the homeless?

Oh …