In an extraordinary article for Conservative Home, senior Tory cabinet minister Chris Grayling claims the Tories did so badly at the last election because they were NOT NEGATIVE ENOUGH about Jeremy Corbyn.

In the bizarre rant article, Grayling grandly announces that “one of the best pieces of political insight” he saw during the election campaign was a cartoon of Corbyn:

Grayling was referring to this cartoon:Fair enough.

Except a quick backwards image search on Google reveals the cartoon Grayling is praising is actually a photo-shopped version of this anti-Obama cartoon by US right-wing cartoonist Roger Maynard:

And the Google search also reveals the photo-shopped Corbyn version has appeared on just one website only – this one.

Which calls Jeremy Corbyn a c*nt:

So now we know what kind of places senior Tories like Chris Grayling get their “political insight” from.

Which is strange, because according to the Tories and their tabloid allies, it’s only the Left which is abusive.

But anyway, Chris. Yes. Please let your party resort to more negative campaigning against Jeremy Corbyn.

Because it worked soooo well last time round.