(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Tory front bench MP Esther Mcvey obviously wasn’t watching the Hillsborough memorial service.

Because she sent a political tweet attacking Labour right bang in the middle of it:

mcvey hillsborough

She did finally apologise – after a good few hours:

mcvey hillsborough 1

It seems hard to understand how McVey could make such a gaffe. She is after all from Liverpool.

But I can explain it very easily.

She’s a Tory:

Top Tory Bernard Ingham calls relatives of Hillsborough victims ‘contemptible’

Over a third of Hillsborough victims were kids or teens. And still being blamed.

Name the guilty. The Sun’s ‘source’ for its Hillsborough story was ….. Tory MP Sir Irvine Patnick.

Don’t think Chief Constable Bettison should resign over Hillsborough? You will when you read this

Too late to strip ‘Sir’ Irvine Patnick – the Sun’s source for its Hillsborough story – of his title


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