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(This is not satire!)

How come the mainstream media is refusing to name the high-profile celebrity who has been arrested today by officers from Operation Yewtree – which was set up to examine allegations of abuse against Savile and others?

Although allegations of this kind are very serious, it would be completely normal for the media to identify and name the suspect at this stage.

Refusing to identify him by name is actually quite strange – especially as other celebrities arrested in Operation Yewtree have been named openly. Could it be that this man’s close connections to senior members of the establishment – particularly the Royal Family – are the reason the mainstream media is being so uncharacteristically silent in this case?

Running scared of celebrities just because they have friends in high places is exactly how people like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith got away with their crimes for so long.

Interestingly though, I’m also getting scared about naming him myself. You see how easy it is to be bullied into silence? If I write his name here, all it would take is a quick websearch of the name by his lawyers and I could get another tiresome threat of libel or the blog could even be shut down by WordPress ‘for legal reasons’. 

So if you don’t already know the name, all you need to do to find out his identity is to look really, really closely at everything that’s already – initially – been said.


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