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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

I’ve read enough romance novels and seen enough romcoms to know the score.

First of all they pretend they hate each other and then – the heroine and the hero finally end up getting it together.

OK – admittedly that would be a ridiculous end to the whole sorry saga of Theresa May and Abu Qatada.

But no more ridiculous than the story has already been.

(The solution to the whole thing by the way is even simpler than the plot of a bad romance novel. We just have to get a written guarantee from the Jordanians that Qatada won’t be tortured if he’s returned. Not difficult surely considering the UK’s supposedly ‘strategic’ friendship with Jordan and the UK government’s pledge to provide £110 million of taxpayers’ money to support ‘rule of law’ and ‘good governance’ in Arab countries like Jordan as part of its Arab Partnership Strategy?)


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