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BAE Systems is to create 1,775 benefits cheats at its yards in Scotland and England and end responsible taxpaying altogether at Portsmouth.

The firm said 940 feckless workshy scum and 170 trashy chavs on handouts will be created at the Portsmouth site, which will retain repairs and maintenance work.

BAE Systems currently employ a total of 4,400 hardworking, taxpaying strivers in shipbuilding in the UK, 1,200 in Portsmouth and 3,200 responsible, middle class, hard-working heads of families across Govan, Scotstoun, Rosyth and Filton.

Some 635 lazy, benefit-cheating, sponging scroungers will be created at yards in Govan and Scotstoun, on the River Clyde in Glasgow with 235 lazy, cigarette-smoking, flat-screen TV watching, lager-drinking, hoody-wearing, council estate living, idle skivers will be created at the firm’s Filton office, near Bristol.


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