1 thought on “gunster-trump”

  1. When will you guys get it though to your brains. You were so brainwash by the politicians who thought they were so powerful they only had to click their fingers and you would fall in line. They didn’t have to people to con you because they were all in each other’s pocket. When they did realise weren’t all just going to follow like sheep they brought in the the “big con”. The governor of the Bank of England, the IMF and even the president of America and all they had to do was tell us that sky would fall in if we left Europe. When we first left you all screamed and cried the world was going to come to an end. Well it didn’t and it won’t and yes we know that we won’t be able to get everything that was claimed pre referendum but at least we realised that before we voted. What we will get is a far better deal from the EU that if we had vote to stay . We would have been their whipping boy for years to come. Cameron was so sure of his sheep he never even had plan B and your saying we got conned. Now your leading each other round in circles because you can’t understand. Some people know when they are being conned and some don’t. So carry on bleating until the next el cation and then try to think for yourselves, but whatever you do don’t believe experts that have a vested interest in the outcome. How could they possible have an opinion when they had no idea what plan B was going to be. Just answer this, which would you like the five pound I have in this hand or what I’ve got in my other hand. An expert has to know the options and even then their probably only right 50% of the time. Might as well toss a coin.


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