In the light of today’s declaration by Nigel Farage rejecting Johnson’s EU deal and pledging the Brexit Party will stand against the Tories at the next election if they refuse to back a no-deal Brexit, it would be interesting to know just how many Tory voters are now planning to turn against Johnson and vote for Farage’s party instead.

Well, here might be an indication.

I’m a Remainer but I’m a member of a few Brexiter groups so I can keep track of Brexiter opinion.

Today, a member of one of the largest and most popular Tory Brexit groups on Facebook decided to ask the other members the direct question: who is now voting for Farage and who is still sticking with Johnson:

A scroll through the replies, a count up and quick calculation reveals the following results:

34% of these Tory voters are now switching to Farage’s Brexit Party

54% sticking with Johnson’s Tory Party

12% don’t know or undecided.

This means as many as a third of Tory Brexit supporters could now be switching their votes to Farage.

This would be disastrous to Johnson and produce another hung parliament, possibly even putting at risk the Tory Party’s position as largest party.

Or to put it another way: Johnson’s screwed.


Here are few choice comments from the discussion – remember these are not general Brexit supporters but previously hard Tory Party supporters and voters: