The question Remainers should be asking: are we really so sure the Lib Dems will oppose any future Brexit deal a Tory PM might broker?

Because recent worrying signs are that the Lib Dems may not be so against a Brexit deal after all.

First of all, news has leaked that the Liberal Democrats in Scotland are already discussing doing a deal with Scots Tories. This would help ensure the Tories remain the largest party in Westminster, thereby making some form of a Brexit deal much more likely.

Secondly, Lib Dem leaders have announced that they would prefer Tory MP Ken Clarke to be the temporary PM if any vote of No Confidence in Boris Johnson’s government succeeds.

But Ken Clarke is vehemently AGAINST a 2nd referendum and he voted 3 TIMES FOR BREXIT (May’s deal):

This means the Lib Dems are openly planning to support a pro-(deal)Brexit, anti-referendum PM in Downing St.

On top of that, the Lib Dems do not – to say the least – have a good record when it comes to standing up to Tories.

Jo Swinson, the Lib Dem leader, has actually voted FOR Tory policies more than some Tory cabinet ministers themselves:

So. Can we trust the Lib Dems to stand up to a Tory PM and hold out against any softer Brexit deal the Tories may come up with instead of No Deal?

Perhaps we can get the Lib Dems to promise not to do any Brexit deal with the Tories if they hold the balance of power.

Or maybe they could make a pledge.

Oh, wait …

Fool me once