Undercover videos from 2017 show staff from same US owner assaulting young patients

A hospital owned by the private US firm at the centre of the shocking mental health abuse scandal revealed by BBC Panorama tonight was secretly filmed in 2017 showing its staff assaulting and abusing young mental health patients.

Whorlton Hall – the UK hospital at the centre of the UK allegations – is run by a company called Cygnet Health Care with headquarters in Kent.

But Cygnet is owned by a massive US healthcare company called Universal Health Services.

And in 2017, a UHS mental health unit was secretly filmed revealing similar abuse as that revealed tonight by Panorama in the UK:

Videos Show UHS Hospital Staff Assaulting Young Patients

UHS has been the subject of abuse accusations and investigations into its mental health care units in the US for years.

The abuse investigations include abuse, fraud, holding patients against their will, rape and deaths.

The question is:

Why, when these allegations were already known in the US, was UHS allowed to take over the care of vulnerable British patients in the UK?