Theresa May’s Conservatives sit in the EU parliament with their close allies in the European Conservatives and Reformists group Poland’s far-right Law and Justice Party.

One of their first acts when Law and Justice came to power was to sack the board of state television and replace it with its supporters.

A Law and Justice politician – Jacek Kurski – was given the job as president of the board and the main state TV channels are now nothing more than propaganda tools for the ruling populist party.

The Law and Justice Party has for years been accused of extreme anti-semitism – but they tend to be careful these days – lest it embarrasses their European allies.

However, last week, Law and Justice showed an animation falsely accusing a popular charity of giving money to opposition politicians:

The accusations led to the murder of an opposition politician on Sunday – Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz. At the time he was assassinated, Adamowicz was speaking at an event organised by the charity.

An eagle-eyed viewer spotted something interesting about the banknotes in the animation.

They were all stamped with Star of David symbols:

Clear anti-semitism from close allies of Theresa May.

Will the Conservatives now be distancing themselves from their anti-semitic allies? Will May be denouncing this antisemitism from her friends? Will this even be reported in the UK press?

Don’t go holding your breath now.