Jonathan Arkush – the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews  – is smearing Jeremy Corbyn with lies about anti-semitism.

But why would he do that?

Well, you see, what Arkush and the mainstream press is not mentioning, is that  is more than a tiny bit biased when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn.

Because Arkush is a Tory. A right-wing one.

Here’s Arkush praising Theresa May and her “exceptionally warm and friendly” DUP coalition partners in the Jerusalem Post:


I can’t tell you how so, so angry it makes me that someone could cynically use false accusations of anti-semitism, which in living memory produced such terrible suffering, such utter, utter tragedy and mass murder, for petty party political point scoring.

Especially when we hear not a peep from Arkush or the Board of Deputies of British Jews when a Tory activist is caught posting photographs of himself doing Nazi salutes on Facebook:

Home Secretary Amber Rudd campaigned with Nazi saluting activist in Hastings

At this point, it’s also worth pointing out that my own great-grandmother and other members of my family were murdered in a Nazi concentration camp for being Jewish.

Here’s what my dad wrote about it on Facebook last Holocaust Memorial Day – he puts it so much better than I ever could:

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.
I can’t help but get upset and very angry about something that happened so many years ago.
My grandmother on my father’s side a frail, old, innocent, lady, who never did anyone any harm was stripped naked herded into a “shower room” in front of young German soldiers, probably laughing, then gassed, and dumped in a pit! 
I sadly never had the chance to meet her, but I often think of her and wonder how could any other human do that to an old lady.
Very hard to forgive!

So before anyone starts to accuse me of anti-semitism for supporting Jeremy Corbyn – don’t even f*cking think about it.



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