Q. Ever been puzzled why Tory voters in well-off areas don’t seem to be overly worried by rising crime across the country because of Theresa May’s cuts to front-line policing?

A. Well maybe that’s because they’ve been paying for extra police officers to be taken away from poorer areas to police their own areas.

Here’s a tweet from the leader of extremely well-off Tory London Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames:

And here’s Davis openly boasting about how his wealthy borough has paid to move police officers from other areas to police Kingston:

To pay for extra Police – What we said and what we did

So to sum up. The government is allowing police officers and resources to be moved to well-off boroughs full of their own supporters, while leaving poorer areas to suffer rising crime, in order to protect themselves and their supporters from the effects of their cuts to front-line services.

In a country with a fully-functioning, unbiased mainstream press, we would normally expect to see corrupt behaviour like this by a government become a massive scandal – splashed across the front pages, with ministers questioned about it on television bulletins – something which would threaten the very existence of Theresa May’s government.

But we live in the UK today. So we won’t.