Whole counties are now so overstretched they are forcing sick children into NHS hospitals hundreds of miles away from their parents.

Debyshire is the latest area to announce there are no beds available in the whole of the county for children under 18 – in this case for children whose mental health condition means they need specialist round-the-clock care:

Children in Derbyshire with severe mental health problems will now be placed in hospitals anywhere around the country – meaning they will be separated from their parents.

Obviously most parents have to work – and will not be able to live and travel regularly to see their children.

But Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – whose savage cuts to frontline NHS services have produced this crisis – will no doubt have private healthcare for his family, and I’m sure he will be able to grant himself sick leave were he ever to be unfortunate enough to have a seriously sick child in his family, so he will never have to face the heartache his policies are causing.

By the way I’m impressed the way the Derbyshire Telegraph have got their crime reporter to cover this NHS story:

It’s a crime alright.

And the criminals responsible are Theresa May and her nasty band of corrupt, delinquent ministers.