This is a bit embarrassing.

The front cover of a discussion paper produced by the Tory Party on the possible effects of new technology on Britain’s workforce accidentally shows the Tories as being blind and blinkered when it comes to their vision of the future:

positive conservative vision

Interestingly, Tory MP Alan Mak – who produced the bizarre discussion paper – is not much liked by his fellow Tory MPs, who have accused him of  obsessive “self-promotion” and of “getting up people’s noses“.

His parliamentary colleagues even once had to gang together to prevent Mak from ‘bagging’ his favourite spot behind David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions, which Mak had hoped would enable TV appearances:

But Mak is likely to prove even more unpopular now after producing the bizarre paper for his party.

Apart from the embarrassing front cover, throughout the paper, Mak patronisingly describes British people to his fellow Tories as ‘our workers‘:

That’s you and me he’s talking about, folks.

In the paper, Mak gushingly praises China’s controversial President Xi, claiming the UK should emulate the Communist leader’s love of massive projects such as his ‘Belt and Road Initiative‘.

But most worryingly of all, Mak openly condemns safety regulations – which put worker and consumer safety before profits – as a ‘burden’ on corporations:

In other words, according to Mak, British workers face a choice under the Tories:

Let the UK be more like China: more dangerous working conditions, more dangerous products, fewer rights, fewer safety regulations – or face massive unemployment.


The paper can be downloaded here.