Local gangs of thugs armed with metal pipes and vicious dogs trained to kill are terrorising local estates up and down the country:

The gangs – who call themselves ‘hunt packs’ – have been recorded physically assaulting people, damaging property and setting their vicious dogs on local wildlife and pets.

But despite video and photographic evidence, the police are so afraid of these ‘packs’, they are reluctant to prosecute, presumably for fear of retribution.

Retribution from the influential, wealthy people who are members of these gangs, that is.

Because of course, if these gangs were working class people from housing estates, and not wealthy, well-connected people from country estates killing local wildlife for ‘fun’, the police would come down on them like a ton of bricks.


Despite illegal killing of wildlife caught on camera, police do nothing:

Despite man caught on video damaging a car, threatening and then assaulting the people inside, the police do nothing:

Young children look on as a fox is dragged from a hole and shot, police do nothing:

 Family watch barbaric’ huntsman kill fox on neighbour’s patio – police do nothing:

Man attacks and hospitalises woman, police do nothing:

Pack of hounds viciously attack an elderly couple and their pet dog taking a walk – police do nothing:

Fox hunters attack another pet dog out for a walk – confident police will do nothing:

Puppies clubbed to death by fox hunting thugs – police do nothing:

Fox hunters punch pensioner in the face on her own land.

Ancient monument Iron Age hill fort damaged by hunt – police do nothing.

Pack of hounds broke into elderly couple’s back garden before savaging a fox.

Shocking pictures show police officers colluding with fox hunters, hitching lifts on hunters quadbike.

Balaclavas, steel pipes and thugs – the ugly face of fox hunting.

The racist thugs who are Andrea Leadsom’s fox hunting friends.

Police openly assisting illegal fox hunting.