Sugar producers, Tate & Lyle campaigned heavily for Brexit.

That’s not surprising, as Tate & Lyle uses sugar produced by US farmers and so has to pay tariffs on its products in the EU, unlike its biggest rival British Sugar which uses sugar produced by British farmers.

So it’s interesting to note that the Tories pocketed massive amounts of cash from Tate & Lyle in October when it accepted the US multinational as their main sponsor for their party conference:

Also interesting to note is that as a result of the Brexit vote, Tesco has now also stabbed British farmers in the back by switching its suppliers from British Sugar to Tate & Lyle:

And even more interesting to note, is that David Davis – Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator – used to be an executive for Tate & Lyle and campaigned heavily against EU tariffs imposed on the company:

Yet more scratching of each others’ backs between the Tory Party and foreign multinationals at the expense of Britain?