Fox hunting with dogs is illegal in the UK and anyone found doing so is liable to be arrested and taken to court.

Unless, of course, you do it in Norfolk.

Because there, the police will hitch a lift with you, pat you on the back and hassle the people trying to uphold the law and protect UK wildlife instead (from South Cambs Hunt Saboteurs):

Hit Report 19/11/2017
Dunston Harriers
Camp Farm, Roundam

We met up with Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs to hit the Dunston Harriers, who were hunting near East Harling.

This was a day of truly extreme police bias.

Fairly early on in the day quite a few of the hounds were seen with blood on them, sadly indicating that they had already killed. Despite this illegal kill of what was most likely to be a hare, a so called protected species, the police showed up immediately and blatantly on the side of the hunt.

Officers were seen getting out of a hunt supporter’s car, then were later seen being given a lift on the back of a hunt quadbike (which was illegally loaded with the two officers on the back we might add).

They then went on to handcuff and arrest a sab who was trying to save wildlife for ‘interfering with a legal activity’ – ignoring the fact that the hunt had killed just a short time before.

Please contact the Norfolk Constabulary to let them know how you feel about this.

A day filled with injustice for sabs and wildlife.

I trust Norfolk Constabulary will be suspending the officers pictured and a full enquiry into police collusion with suspected criminals will be launched.

But I won’t be holding my breath.