Tory MP Robert Halfon has been crowing a lot about how the Tory government is controlling immigration by clamping down on foreign students who come to the UK on non-degree student visas (click to enlarge):

But Halfon’s keenness for stopping foreign students coming to the UK on non-degree student visas doesn’t seem to stretch enough to include his own Brazilian girlfriend (from Halfon’s blog, 2009):

Not only did Halfon obtain a non-degree student visa for his own girlfriend, but he also seems to have made an exception for her when it comes to other immigration policies.

Halfon’s girlfriend is now described as his long-term partner and is living in the UK permanently with him. Which is a bit odd, because Halfon is on record as saying foreigners from outside the UK should only be allowed to stay here permanently if they are football players, scientists or senior managers:

Perhaps Halfon simply forgot to add Tory MP’s girlfriends to that list?

Or maybe his girlfriend Vanda is a football player, because she’s certainly not a scientist or senior manager.

Of course, the real explanation is that Tories think their laws are for you and me, never for themselves …