Sarah Sands – the relatively new editor of Today – has been criticised for ‘dumbing down’ Radio 4’s flagship news and current affairs programme.

Personally, I’d be rather more concerned about the former Telegraph, Mail and Standard right-wing hack’s political bias.

Sands once gushed about how Theresa May is a “symbol of stability and permanence“:

… and she is also on record as smearing Jeremy Corbyn for supposedly being anti-democratic:

Could Sands’ new passion for replacing hard political news on Today with fashion puff pieces be her way of distracting from the disastrous leadership of her beloved Theresa May and the utter shambles in her darling Tory Party?


Sands with a friend

Sarah Sands with a friend


PS Now her salary depends on it, I wonder if Sands still thinks it’s perfectly OK not to pay for the BBC licence if you’re middle-class:


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