The Canary has been attacked for producing supposedly fake news after it claimed BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was listed as a speaker at a Tory Party event.

But The Canary now claims her name was taken off the event only after its article was published.

The Tory Party website and the CSJ who are hosting the event have managed to avoid Google caching copies of their previous versions, so it’s nearly impossible to check if what The Canary now says is true.

However, I’ve just checked the event as it was listed on EventBrite  – a cached snapshot by Google of the page as it appeared on 20 Sep 2017 21:03:24 GMT – and sure enough Laura Kuenssberg’s name did indeed appear on the list of speakers:

The current page – you can see it here – has since been altered to exclude Kuenssberg’s name. This of course may well all have been done without her knowledge.

Looks to me like The Canary has been set up …