tory youth

Those not very bright posh boys and girls in charge of the Tories’ new youth movement ‘Activate‘ have shown yet again how a privileged background doesn’t necessarily add up to intelligence.

After Activate members were caught out chatting to each other about “gassing chavs” and “shooting peasants” they now have a nice pop up when you visit their website insisting that their organisation is in “no way, shape or form associated with the Conservative Party“:

Which is a bit embarrassing.

Because a quick look at their constitution, proudly displayed on the same website solemnly declares that Activate members are “expected to be members of the Conservative Party” and membership is “not compatible with membership of any registered political party other than the Conservative Party“:

So to sum up.

To become a member of Activate, you will need to be a member of the Tory Party while at the same time be in no way, shape or form associated with the Tory Party!

Please Activate. A word of advice.

Just stop.