Until now, Theresa May’s government seems to have put an invisible ring-fence around dementia when it comes to social security, welfare and benefits cuts.

Probably because, in the main, sufferers of dementia tend to be pensioners – who also happen to be the most important demographic for the Conservative Party when it comes to support.

In fact, as opposed to other sufferers of illness or disability who have been decimated by Tory welfare cuts without a peep of sympathy, Tory MPs are extremely keen to show support for dementia sufferers.

Theresa May herself is an official supporter of ‘Dementia Friends‘ – an initiative by the Alzheimers Society which seeks to increase awareness from MPs and other decision makers:

So it’s a bit of a shock to see dementia sufferers are the latest sufferers of illness and disability to be targeted by Theresa May’s savage cuts to the welfare state.

Dementia sufferers are now being told they can “look after themselves” and are being completely refused any benefits or financial support by the Department for Work and Pensions. And their carers – who are usually close family members – are at the same time having their carers allowances taken away:

DWP tells woman with Dementia she can ‘care for herself’

Of course, none of this is being reported in the right-wing mainstream press, presumably lest it affects the Tory core vote amongst pensioners.

And of course, none of this will affect the wealthy, who can afford to pay for private care and obviously don’t need to rely on the welfare state when they or any member of their family become sick.

So that’s all right then …