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A serving firefighter, London fire Brigade:

On Friday I went to see my local MP, Crispin Blunt to ask why he thought it appropriate to continue to vote for a 1% pay rise for Public sector workers. He explained to me what austerity meant and why we all had to do our bit. I asked him how he was doing his bit by claiming over £20,000 a year for 5 years on a second home which proved to be his main home given his kids lived there and they went to school round the corner. How did claiming over 2k for airbricks and another few thousand for fireplace repairs was contributing to saving the country money? He seemed at a loss how to explain the 5k he claimed for DFS furniture. He sold the second house, bought a bigger house and claimed the 16k stamp duty thinking it’s acceptable to get those who are struggling to pay their own bills to pay his. He votes the way his party tell him to. Ironically he voted against several gay rights votes then left his wife to come to terms with his homosexuality! I asked how this demonstrates leadership to the people of Surrey? What message did his admittance of using legal highs send out to the youth of Reigate?

His answer was to say he wasn’t going to answer my question and he stood up, starting pointing at me and aggressively told me to leave. When I refused he got security call the police! How ironic, the very people he feels don’t deserve a decent wage he expects to save his hypocritical arse!

Crispin Blunt, you are a hypocritical disgrace of the highest order, your moral compass is so broken you couldn’t find your arse with two hands and a map. Let me know what other bills you want the public to pay for you. We will have a whip round! For your information today is very sunny although with your face pushed so far into the public money trough you say you can claim i don’t expect you to know what the weather is doing. Just remember Mr Blunt, you might be able to claim it, you don’t have to!


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