The new leader of the disgraced borough council of Kensington and Chelsea responsible for the disgraceful handling of the Grenfell fire tragedy is cllr Elizabeth Campbell.

But out-of-touch Tories in the borough have elected someone who seems uniquely unqualified to understand the concerns of the surviving Grenfell tower residents.

For example, Cllr Campbell used to work as an advisor for senior Tory Sir Oliver Letwin – who once had to apologise for racist remarks in a memo he wrote to Margaret Thatcher about inner city degradation and who is head of an organisation which was campaigning to scrap health and safety ‘red tape’ on the very same day as the tragic fire.

Cllr Campbell also happens to represent one of the most expensive parts of Kensington and Chelsea – the Royal Hospital ward which includes Sloan Square and the Chelsea Flower show.

Unlike the area where the Grenfell Tower tragedy took place, nearly a third of the new Tory leader Cllr Campbell’s constituents work in banking, finance and insurance:

Cllr Campbell also used to sit on the board of the very organisation being blamed for the events that lead to the tragic fire – the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation:

The Tories are clearly not capable of running Kensington and Chelsea properly.

Commissioners need to be called in to take over the running of the council immediately.