1 thought on “health and safety monster”

  1. David Russell said:

    I was an architect practicing in Thailand during the late ’60s. Due to the fact that Fire Safety regulations were virtually non-existent in Thailand at that time, I would send drawings to Hong Kong’s Fire Services Department for their input. I then moved to Hong Kong in 1971 and found that HK’s regulations were based on those of New York before WW2. They were very comprehensive and applied without compromise and with annual inspections. But HK was a British Colony. How could standards have dropped so much during the last 50 years? No sprinkler system and one fire escape for a 30 storey building, not to mention an inflammable skin? These would have been mandatory even in 1969. When I studied architecture during the 1950s the importance of maintaining a fire break between floors was dinned into us and we would never have dreamed of designing a building like Grenfell Towers. The Government has an awful lot to answer for. I hope that the compensation that they will have to pay to the victim’s families and the survivors will concentrate elector’s minds tremendously. I hope that comes from the MP’s own pockets.


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