10 thoughts on “kaiser nhs”

  1. Julia Charlton said:

    I am disgusted that NHS bosses are selling out the public. We own the NHS not Kaiser


  2. harry main said:

    bloody tory bastards unfit to breath the same air as us


  3. Clive Litchfield said:



  4. Interesting that the initials are KP like the NUTS do Tories think we are all monkeys or chimps. They can stick this plot where the monkeys allegedly put their nuts


  5. MILKY DAVIES said:

    and who paid for there visit, don’t tell me the hard up NHS. BEST HOTELS AND PLENTY OF TIME TO ENJOY THE TRIP.


  6. pretty ominous


  7. Christopher Barrett said:

    Death to Conservatives


  8. John MacPherson said:

    Its not these creeps service to fucking sell !!


  9. Down Right DISGUSTING M P s,They can afford it with their fat payments to themselves from money the ordinary public pay taxes for.National Insurance every one pays from their wages pay for the NHS.It is the fat cats that have reduced help in funding not us,And what right do they have to do that.Stop the free loaders coming into this country who have never paid into the system and make them pay for their care.Put more funding into the N H S Which will be affordable once we leave the E U Beaurocrats.The Government is selling every British person down the river, They are supposed to work for us for our own good and the good of the country.If they do go ahead and do this i can see there will be protesting leading to riots.


  10. Disgraceful sell out of our wonderful NHS expertise and funded by all for all. The American health system is the worst (in terms of outcomes) and most expensive system in developed countries. Disgusting policies of a disgraced government…


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