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Ten facts that prove right-wingers are not the sharpest tools in the box.

  1. Imagine how thick you’d have to be to believe the Tories are paying off the country’s debts:

  2. And you’d have to be pretty dense, surely, to read the Daily Mail and think it’s social media that’s brain-washing people with fake news and propaganda:
  3. Right-wingers are also so gullible they think a “working-class fightback against the global elite” can be launched from the inside of a gold-clad elevator:

  4. And they’re so thick, they think it was Gordon Brown not bankers that caused the 2008 global economic crisis (the clue’s in the word global, guys):
  5. And you can’t be very intelligent if you believe the best way for Britain to lead the world on trade … is to leave the world’s biggest trading block:
  6. And how dopey would you need to be to think the NHS crisis was caused by immigration, not lack of funding:
  7. Amazingly, right-wingers seem to believe Theresa May’s claims she will help struggling working people:
  8. And intelligence can’t be your strong point if you think the best way to ‘incentivise’ disabled people to find a job is to take their mobility away from them:

  9. Right-wingers think it’s the immigrants who need to learn to speak English properly. Clearly not…
  10. And they apparently seriously believe the country’s best post-Brexit economic plan is to sell tea, jam and biscuits to the rest of the world (sold direct from our tea plantations in Essex presumably):

I rest my case …