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ISIS hostage British journalist John Cantlie – who was kidnapped by ISIS along with murdered US journalist James Foley – has been accused of being a “mouthpiece” for the extremist organisation by a website edited by one of UKIP’s leaders Raheem Kassam.

For over 4 years, Cantlie has had to endure a living hell – starved, tortured, beaten and never knowing if each day will be his last, about to suffer a horrific death like his friend James Foley, kneeling in the desert, beheaded by a masked terrorist.

And now – depressingly – John and his family are having to endure further heartache seeing his good name smeared by right-wing fanatics.

In a little noticed article, far-right website Breitbart London claimed Cantlie was not kidnapped but had “voluntarily returned” to ISIS and was now Islamic State’s “mouthpiece”:


The bizarre and disturbing article can be read in full here.

Perhaps more interesting is the identity of the editor of Breitbart London – who is ultimately responsible for the outrageous article. That would be Raheem Kassam – often cited as a future leader of UKIP.

And of course former executive chairman of Breitbart – Steve Bannon – is now President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist.

Will Theresa May ever have the balls (!) to stand up to President Trump’s cronies (not to mention UKIP) and tell them to stop smearing British hostages, instead of hanging them out to dry as she seems to be doing now?

Don’t hold your breath …