4 thoughts on “sun-cenotaph-smear”

  1. I think we all now have to agree not to believe any photo we see in almost any of the rags, knowing that it’s most likely been photoshopped to ‘prove’ a certain view. Our brains must shriek ‘PHOTOSHOP’ at each and every photo we see, not take them at face value. We’ve been lulled into believing that ‘the camera never lies’, but while the camera itself doesn’t, the person adding the photo to the newspaper, DOES!


  2. Mary’s comments are spot on and it adds to the growing frustration of the Public at large. We can’t believe most of what politicians say and we can’t believe what we see in the media. We are desperately in need of an independent, honest and true source of information so I urge everyone to contribute to the Media fund on crowd funding.


  3. Keith parker said:

    It’s about time untruthful news media stories are punished financially as well as front page apologies having to be printed. The same retraction, punishment, and apology should apply to news stories that are broadcast where the organisation has failed to ensure the piece is truthful. Hopefully this might deter unscrupulous media outlets from misleading the general public as we have all seen recently during Brexit.


  4. Bob Witherspoon said:

    The media have a responsibility to its readers and listeners which needs to be enforced by the law in cases of deliberate misleading of the public. The photoshopped photo, on its own, is innocent. The problem lies in the malicious lies that accompany it which are disgraceful and totally unacceptable. It shouldn’t be necessary for Mr. Corbyn to actually sue the Sun but simply to ask an “Ombudsman for Fake News” to look at the evidence. I think a fine of a couple of hundred thousand may get them thinking!


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