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Amazingly – New Zealanders and Australians are to negotiate with themselves over post-Brexit trade deals with UK

In a desperate effort to show they’re doing something about the Brexit mess – Theresa May’s government has been keen to push possible post-Brexit trade deals with Australia and New Zealand.

The Antipodeans – although admitting it will take many, many years to complete a deal with the UK – seem pretty keen on the idea.

Perhaps that’s because the UK negotiators who will be banging the table on the UK’s behalf against the New Zealanders and Australians will also be …. New Zealanders and Australians.

The UK has admitted there are not enough experienced international trade deal negotiators in the UK and so we are busy hiring foreign experts who have experience of negotiating international trade deals.

And which countries are we mainly hiring from?

Erm …. that would be New Zealand and Australia.

It won’t of course be mentioned much in the UK, but here’s a report from the Australian horribly illustrating the surreal post-Brexit world we are now in:

Malcolm Turnbull and Theresa May will meet at the G20 in China today to discuss a new trade deal between Australia and Britain.

In order to accelerate the process, Trade Minister Steven Ciobo has offered to lend Australian negotiators to Britain to help ­settle the terms of its exit from the European Union before formal trade talks can begin. New Zealand and Canada have also ­offered help.


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