Former Prime Minister David Cameron has strongly questioned Theresa May’s legitimacy as Prime Minister and has demanded* she holds a General Election within six months.

In a hard-hitting speech in Thurrock, Mr Cameron said that Prime Ministers should be voted into 10 Downing Street by the people of Britain, not because their party has “stitched up some deal” – as happened when Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair in 2007:

“You should hold office because the people vote for you, not because your party has stitched up some deal. I say if someone becomes Prime Minister in the middle of a Parliament, within six months they have to hold an election.”

Mr Cameron is even proposing the Tory government should amend the Septennial Act 1715 – which requires elections to be held at least every five years – to ensure that Parliament was automatically dissolved six months after a change of Prime Minister for any other reason than a General Election.

That would mean Theresa May would have to hold a General Election no later than December.

  • Admittedly, Cameron made these comments in 2010, questioning the legitimacy of Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown – but obviously he wouldn’t be so hypocritical to believe his demands should only apply to a Labour PM and not a Tory.