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No-one else seems to be saying this, so I will.

Way back in 1988 – when the Thatcher government passed the infamous anti-homosexual law known as Section 28 – a majority of the UK population supported it.

I’m proud to say I was one of the minority who was against it.

Even as late as 2000, polls showed around 52% of the UK population were against the Blair government repealing the law.

And again, despite being in the minority – I was personally never in any doubt that the majority were wrong.

These days, of course, everyone claims they know Section 28 was wrong. David Cameron – a strong supporter of Section 28 at the time it was introduced – has even apologised for it.

So we – the minority who were always against Section 28 – were in the end proven to be right.

That’s why Remain supporters need to get their balls back. Because being in a minority didn’t mean we were wrong. And now, we are once again the majority opinion in the UK.

Politicians are too afraid to speak out against the EU referendum result because they’re scared they’ll be accused of undermining democracy. And sensible journalists are also mostly too afraid to speak out, lest they’re accused of being in a middle-class, out-of-touch establishment bubble – which of course most of them are.

But I’m not a politician or a journalist. So here’s the truth.

The Brexit campaign was riddled with lies. The so-called ‘facts’ used by the Leave campaign were laughably ridiculous fabrications. Leading Leave campaigners handed out false and undeliverable promises like Bullingdon Club bullies dishing out banknotes at a high-class restaurant they’ve just trashed. And the whole Brexit argument itself was based on gross deceptions, sentimental nonsense and misrepresentations.

Their so-called victory – stolen only with lies and illegalities – wasn’t even overwhelming. And it’s just patently revisionist nonsense to say the vote for Brexit was some kind of ‘working class’ rebellion. The most working class parts of the UK – Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Peckham – all voted Remain. And the majority of young people voted Remain too.

Democracy doesn’t mean accepting bad decisions made by a bare majority of uninformed,  ignorant voters, lied to and manipulated by a corrupt media. Democracy means fighting for what’s right and to reverse corrupt decisions which will be damaging to the future of our country and our children’s future.

And yes – I know we’re not supposed to call the people who voted Brexit ignorant. I personally know some very genuine, intelligent people who voted Brexit for the best of reasons. But the fact is, they are a tiny minority.

The Brexit vote was mostly the result of an unholy alliance between a dumbed-down, middle-class, aging English electorate fed on a diet of Daily Mail and Express propaganda and lies, Thatcherites, Little Englanders and openly racist arseholes.

All of this backed up by a two-decade long campaign of lies about the EU by supposedly professional mainstream media journalists:

See 20 years of FAKE NEWS about EU by UK press

So it doesn’t bother me in the least that I’m (currently) in the minority when it comes to Brexit. In fact, I’m proud of it.

Just as I’m proud of that fact that – until just last year – I’d spent all of my life being one of the minority in the UK who were against the death penalty.

And I’m definitely proud to be one of the minority of Brits who doesn’t think Mount Everest is in England.

And I’m proud that I’m not one of the majority of Brits who can’t pinpoint Loch Ness or the Yorkshire Dales on a map.

And I’m proud to be one of the minority of Brits who can at least find their last holiday destination on a map.

Because being in the majority doesn’t automatically make you right.

Especially when the majority were lied to and manipulated.