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The UK makes well over a billion pounds a month from EU migrant workers ….

revenue from eu migrants 1

… and trade with the EU supports 4.2m UK jobs and is worth over £211bn.

But those are just the boring facts. Polling tells us the main reason most Brexiters voted to leave the EU is because they wanted the government to be able to control immigration and ‘take back control’ of our borders.

So it’s a bit strange few seem to have even noticed Theresa May has already declared there will be no border controls between the UK and the EU – specifically between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If I was a Brexiter I would be up in arms. Because an open border with the Irish Republic would mean anybody in the EU would be able to travel to the UK without any immigration, passport or customs checks. Currently, it costs a mere £23 and takes just one hour to fly from numerous cities in Poland to Dublin:

cheap flights pol-ire

It then takes just a couple of more hours to travel on to the UK via NI.

Of course, it’s always possible May is lying about the open border and she fully intends to put in place border guards, strict passport checks and customs controls along the Northern Ireland border.

But the problem is, if that’s the case, May would have to build some kind of a Trump-style wall – or a Hadrian’s Wall Mark II – all the way along the entire border with the Republic of Ireland. Hard land borders are different to sea borders, where traffic on large areas of water can be monitored from the air. This is what other external EU land borders look like:

External EU borders

Either way, Theresa May must be lying.

So which lie is it Theresa?

Open EU borders or Hadrian’s Wall mark II?

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