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Theresa May claims her new government is going to prioritise workers’ rights and womens’ rights.

Oh really?

  • Theresa May supported the introduction of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act which makes it more difficult for people injured at work to claim compensation from employers.
  • Theresa May supported making it more difficult for workers to fight maltreatment or discrimination at work.
  • Theresa May supported the head of the Health and Safety Commission being given to the chairman of the manufacturing employers organisation – the very people who are supposed to be policed by the HSE.
  • Theresa May supported the introduction of punitive employment tribunal fees, which has seen sex discrimination in the workplace claims plummet by 83 per cent.
  • Theresa May voted to remove the Commission for Equality and Human Rights’ duty to support the development of a society where people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination.
  • Theresa May supported cutting tax credits which will make 800,000 more working people on the lowest wages poorer.
  • Theresa May voted against creating more jobs for young people, funded by taxes on banker’ bonuses. (Coincidentally, May’s husband is a banker).
  • Theresa May voted against calling on the government to act on “rip off” rail fares for commuters and soaring energy costs for struggling families
  • Theresa May consistently spoke out against Labour’s introduction of the minimum wage for poorest workers.
  • Theresa May has consistently supported government policies which have resulted in 1 in 7 women now being made illegally redundant after becoming pregnant.

I call bullshit …