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This has been bugging me for a few days now.

So many headlines and articles have been mentioning as a ‘fact’ that Americans don’t use the word ‘queue’ –  thereby ‘proving’ there was something suspicious about President Obama’s “back of the queue” comment.

Only one problem. Americans do use the word ‘queue’.

Here’s an article from the New York Daily News:

queue 1Here’s a San Francisco blog:

queue 3

And this is from the Ronald Reagan airport website:

queue 2

Here’s The New York Times:

queue 4

And you can’t get more American than Jeb Bush:

queue 5

Obama himself has used the word before more than a few times. Here’s an extract from a 2013 speech of his – a speech he was making to a US audience:

queue 6

Yet more lies from the Brexit camp …

P.S. The Sun’s Westminster correspondent Harry Cole clearly doesn’t speak to many Americans. Must be hard breaking out of that Westminster bubble: