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UPDATE:  The BBC has had to apologise for the lie:

gani bbc apology

At prime minister’s questions today, David Cameron accused Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan of appearing with a London Imam who supports ISIS.

The accusation comes just days after Tory lacky Andrew Neil also accused Sadiq of appearing with an ISIS supporting Imam.

Only one problem. The Imam in question – Suliman Gani – does not support ISIS.

In fact he thinks they’re “evil”:

gani ISIS

And even more amazingly, Gani actually supported – and even canvassed for – the Tories at the last general election:


Here he is with Tory candidate Dan Watkins:

Gani And here he is with Tory MP Tania Mathias:gani 1

And here he is with Zac Goldsmith himself:

gani 2

The Tories are so desperate – or arrogant – they think they can win elections with outright lies and smears. We cannot rely on our biased media to show the truth. 

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